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CGE Condemns Hate-Motivated Midwest Shootings

July 6, 1999


Schools Are Failing to Morally Educate Their Students, Resulting in Violence and Intolerance

Washington, DC -- The Council for Global Education today condemned the recent shootings of minorities in Illinois and Indiana and announced measures to prevent further violence from occurring by focusing on the needs of schools to morally educate children.

"Benjamin Smith is the product of a society that is not properly educating its children," said Dr. Sunita Gandhi, founder of the Council. "This 21-year-old man openly distributed racist literature and promoted intolerance while attending schools throughout the Midwest that failed to provide any effective moral or ethical lessons from teachers or administrators - those responsible for giving our children the skills needed for life. That system of education failed Benjamin Smith just as it failed Dylan Klebold in Littleton, Colorado. If it is not reformed, that same system will continue to fail our children; the situation is becoming critical and little is being done to reverse this dangerous trend of young people killing targeted segments of the community."

The Council for Global Education has unveiled plans for a teacher training program in October which will provide educators and administrators the tools they need to bring co-existence and respect for diversity to the classroom environment. This program is of paramount importance in preventing further violence by young people who are not taught basic values such as respect for their neighbors and co-existence among diverse populations.

"If we are going to reverse this trend of violence among young people," Dr. Gandhi continued, "we must begin with our teachers. We know that parents and educators want their children to receive fundamental life skills in school, but few have the training or tools necessary to make such a program reality. The Council's training program is an important first step in bringing universal values to the classroom environment and preventing violence based on hate and misunderstanding."

This morning's Washington Post revealed that Smith was distributing literature condemning various minority groups, essentially attacking anyone "that doesn't meet [Smith's] values."

"If hate groups can distribute literature advocating their 'values' of hate and intolerance," Dr. Gandhi concluded, "why are we so reluctant to counter that with our own values, which we know to be universally successful, but which we are keeping out of children's classrooms?"

Media interested in speaking with Dr. Gandhi can conatct her at the following addresses.

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