1 Universal Values, 2 Global Understanding, 3 Excellence, 4 Service to Humanity

The Council for Global Education provides a new framework for a comprehensive education of a child in the 21st century based on these four building blocks of education: Universal Values,* Global Understanding, Excellence in All Things, and Service to Humanity.

CGE envisages an education with a different outcome - an education in which being a good human being is valued more than academic score cards, in which compassion is given more importance than competence, and in which cooperation is valued more than competition. CGE envisions a future where values such as peace, co-existence, reverence for all forms of life and responsibility are intricately integrated into the educational environment. CGE believes that in such an environment, children will excel in all aspects of life and they will perform better in academics also.

CGE is a vision-based organization that encourages and facilitates networking opportunities and ongoing dialogues on the redefining of education with new goals for a new century. It encourages and promotes seminars and discussions that motivate policy-makers, parents and teachers to respond in new ways to the education of the child. CGE creates platforms for these dialogues that lead to meaningful actions through its annual conferences and training programs for parents, educators and policy-makers.

We believe that development of the Four Building Blocks of education is a fundamental right of every child.

* Universal Values are principles essential to all cultures, such as kindness, respect and honesty. The Council is transcending words and philosophical differences to focus on the urgent need of implementing these commonly held beliefs into the educational environment.




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