1 Universal Values, 2 Global Understanding, 3 Excellence, 4 Service to Humanity

The Four Building Blocks of Education
[4] Service To Humanity

The richness of human experience, the diversity of individuals and cultures are matched only by the diversity evidenced in the natural environment. Assuming responsibility for the condition of the environment as well as our individual and collective state of being are vital elements in education today and can be clearly identified in the GEM curriculum which supports ecological sensitivity. GEM schools host international environmental awareness camps and students often get involved in local beautification projects. Service in the GEM is not a specific act of charity. It is a way of life in which the purpose of education itself is to prepare for a life of service to the family, community and the world.

GEM encourages service at the world level through its education. It believes that classroom concepts are not enough and that children must learn by doing. The students must perform a certain amount of other community services, as well, such as giving company to the old, or helping the poor. GEM schools collaborate with local non-governmental and charitable organizations, to send students to plant trees, clean parks, look after the elderly and tutor children, among other service projects. By stressing the dignity of all labor and that no job is beneath a person, an attitude of service is encouraged. By helping others and taking responsibility for them, children gain enormous confidence in themselves that classroom settings are inadequate to provide.




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