1 Universal Values, 2 Global Understanding, 3 Excellence, 4 Service to Humanity

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An Essential Framework for Education

Character education is the foundation for every child's development. Without these universal values,* education cannot be effective. Values put meaning into action. For unless the character of a nation is educated, as well as its mind and talents, society has no sure basis.

Our four building blocks of Universal Values, Global Understanding, Excellence in All Things, and Service to Humanity are supported by twelve governing principles that are crucial to the development of a moral and intellectual child:

  1. A teacher as a role model and an example

  2. Focus on early childhood development

  3. The parents is a role model and the mother is recognized as the child's first educator

  4. School as an extended family and an inspiring physical environment

  5. Both home and school are a loving and caring environment

  6. A school has mottos and ideals and builds a culture of values

  7. A school lets music and the arts define character and deepen emotion

  8. Parents and teachers are engaged in continuous learning about the child

  9. Learning by doing, not merely through instruction

  10. Competition is encouraged with oneself, not simply others

  11. Experience of diverse countries, cultures, languages and religions

  12. All participate in ongoing learning and evaluation, to a process of continuous discovery and improvement

This continuously evolving model and framework for education is a critical part of shaping the educational policies of the 21st century, and these concepts are essential to our success as a global community and our children's well being.

* Universal Values are principles essential to all cultures, such as kindness, respect and honesty. The Council is transcending words and philosophical differences to focus on the urgent need of implementing these commonly held beliefs into the educational environment.




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