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About The Council for Global Education

The Council for Global Education envisions a 21st century where values such as peace, co-existence and an appreciation for diversity are intricately integrated into the educational environment.

CGE is dedicated to the development of the child entering the 21st century through the creation and implementation of a curriculum that prepares children for success in the emerging global community. CGE encourages and facilitates networking opportunities and ongoing dialogues through affiliated organizations and individuals and works to ensure that educators are more than teachers, and serve as facilitators for learning and role models for students.

In addition, CGE provides tools, resources and guidance for developing a framework for implementation worldwide of a Global Education Model of Schooling (GEMS) curriculum based on the four VUES of education:

These building blocks provide children with the moral foundation, the intellectual skills, and the wisdom necessary to deal with the complex problems of today's world. Most importantly, they lead to a satisfying and meaningful life for the student as he or she prepares to enter the 21st century.

Our program also encourages both parents and teachers to be engaged in a continuous process of learning and application, and to recognize the need to exemplify the very qualities they wish their children to have. We know that integrating character development into the entire school environment is crucial to a child's moral development. It also develops a world citizen that has compassion and tolerance for others, a sense of dignity about themselves, and stimulates personal and academic success. When provided a values-based education, children begin to view excellence itself as a value, and aspire to be the best they can be to themselves not simply to others.




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