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Social Justice/Environmental/Other Organizations

Human / Social Justice and Peace

American Civil Liberties Union - foremost advocate of individual rights.

American Friends Service Committee - a Quaker organization which includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace, and humanitarian service.

Amnesty International OnLine - human rights situations and abuses.

Association of Progressive Communications (APC) is a worldwide partnership of member networks dedicated to providing low-cost computer communications services for individuals and non-governmental organizations working for environmental sustainability, universal human rights and social and economic justice.

Believe in Yourself - raise the self- esteem of elementary school children and their parents through educational tutoring, communication, and peacemaking skills development.

The Carter Center - a public policy institute dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression through collaborative initiatives. The Center was founded (1982) by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, and is headquartered at Emory University in Atlanta.

Center for Civic Networking - online resources dedicated to supporting civic life and civic participation.

Friends for a Non-Violent World - works [through education, example, and experiences in non-violent living] to build a world where all people can speak truth to power, practice alternatives to violence, gain strength from community, and act in a spirit of cooperation to work for peace and justice.

Habitat For Humanity - international program that helps low-income people build their own homes. President Jimmy Carter is very active in HFH, which is headquartered in Americus GA. This non-profit organization is well-described at a number of the sites shown at this collection of HFH Web-links.

HungerWeb - Brown University - prevent and eradicate hunger and promote sustainable development.

Human Rights Web - includes a history of human rights and a Primer for New Human Rights Activists.

The InterFaith Alliance - TIA promotes the positive role of religion as a healing and constructive force in public life; challenges those who manipulate religion to advance an extreme political agenda; and through shared religious values, seeks to build a revitalized mainstream religious movement based upon active civic participation.

Internet InterFaith Consortium - an ad hoc association of networkers, listowners and system developers, who are interested in working together on a variety of linked intercultural/interreligious projects.

Internet NonProfit Center - Brooklyn NY - a project of the American Institute of Philanthropy, aims to provide free, fast and easy access to information on nonprofit organizations (some of which have justice/peace interests), wise giving practices and issues of concern to donors and volunteers. There are a number of good resources here such as Putnam Barber's Frequently Asked Questions About Nonprofits which includes discussion on forming a nonprofit. Cliff Landesman also discusses how to form a nonprofit. And there is active participation on the Newsgroup: soc.org.nonprofit

Mennonite Central Committee - MCC is the relief and development arm of the North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches. 700 volunteers in about 50 developing countries around the world, involved in food relief, agriculture, health and education and social services.

Movement for Beloved Community - promotes the awakening of individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, villages, regions, and the world as a whole. The approach is to encourage the growth of spiritually-based and comprehensive local community building efforts around the world--- linked together in a global network.

Musical Feast - a cookbook featuring more than 100 of the world's leading musical artists, donating their own favorite recipes, illustrations and photos to this cookbook, the sales of which benefit four organizations dedicated to helping the homeless including the National Coalition for the Homeless

National Organization for Women - bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW.

Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet - Ellen Spertus's (MIT) selection of some Websites (most of which have justice/peace interests) that provide valuable information not easily available elsewhere and that are well-maintained and frequently-updated.

Nonviolence International - information and resources on the use of nonviolent direct action in the service of justice and human development.

Nonviolence Resources @IGC - Institute for Global Communications' collection of links to peace & nonviolence sites.

P A R T E N I A - "virtual bishop" Jacques Galliot, runs his Internet diocese of Partenia after being fired as Bishop of Evreux (near Paris), for his stands against French policies on immigrants, homeless, and church "excludeds", such as homosexuals, and married priests.

PeaceCorps Web - a privately developed WWW site - is an informal attempt to use the World-Wide Web as a service to Peace Corps Volunteers and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Peace and Conflict Resolution WWW Resources - International Affairs Network and the University of Pittsburgh.

PeaceWeb - Quaker - Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Ottawa Ontario Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends. Site sections include: overcoming violence, peace, international development, and Quaker links; it also has a brief review of an issue-related book.

Peace Brigades International - a grassroots organization exploring and implementing nonviolent approaches to peacemaking and support for basic human rights, by providing protective international accompaniment for individuals and organizations who have been threatened by political violence or who are otherwise at risk.

Peace Ideas - a quarterly publication of the Peace Center in Quezon City, Phillippines, with a masthead stating that "if 5% of the people work for peace, there will be peace". Peace Ideas seeks to help individuals become active participants in the realization of lasting peace, based on the principle that true peace must emanate from the individual. Peace Ideas is condensed from the writings of authors from all over the world with subject headings including: inner peace, peace education, global peace, interpersonal relationship, community action, parenting, peace club projects, peace quotes, book reviews, etc.

People For Peace Network - contains over 200 web pages dedicated to promoting peace through compassion and tolerance; many of these are especially for kids.

PFLAG - Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays - promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian and bisexual persons, their families and friends through the following: support, to cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights. PFLAG provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation, and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.

The Progressive Directory - hosted by the Institute for Global Communications - and is the gateway to environmental and progressive resources worldwide - accessed through one of IGC's five networks:

  • PeaceNet (70k as of 7/94) - helps the peace, social justice, and human rights communities throughout the world communicate and cooperate more effectively.

  • EcoNet - working for environmental preservation and sustainability.

  • ConflictNet (9k as of 7/94) - promoting the constructive resolution of conflict.

  • LaborNet (5k as of 7/94) - is a community of labor unions, activists, and organizations using computer networks for information-sharing and collaboration with the intent of increasing the human rights and economic justice of workers.

  • WomensNet - a global community of women, activists and organizations using computer networks for information sharing, broadcast and collaboration with the intent of increasing women's rights.

Partnerships Against Violence NETwork (PAVNET) Online - gives users information about techniques for combating violence in American society. It represents the cooperation of multiple Federal agencies (Departments of Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, and Labor) to quickly bring information on anti-violence programs to State and local officials. PAVNET was created in response to a report by the Interdepartmental Working Group on Violence to the President and the Domestic Policy Council in January 1994.

Public Interest Groups - large index of subject categories offering numerous related Web-links (some of which have justice/peace interests).

Queer Resource Center's Online Services Project at the Univ. of California, Berkeley - WWW Virtual Library: Bisexual, Lesbian & Gay Resources.

Queer Resources - Stanford Univ CA - Stanford University Queer Resources Guide.

Rainbow Research - promotes the increased effectiveness and impact of socially concerned organizations in responding to social problems.

ReliefNet - a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping humanitarian organizations raise global awareness and support for relief efforts, via the Interent.

Society_and_Culture - large index of subject categories offering numerous related Web-links (some of which have justice/peace interests).

Sojourners Magazine embraces a movement of spiritual renewal and social justice.

Stanislaus Connections - Working For Peace, Justice, and the Environment - is a publication of the non-profit Modesto (California) Peace/Life Center and Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee project.

Training for Change - a grass roots and non-profit oriented training center with roots in Philadelphia and working around the world. Their focus is leadership development, training of trainers, and nonviolent social change. Training for Change assists groups be more effective for justice, peace, and environmental harmony and to train more people to be able to provide such assistance. Matt Guynn

United States Institute of Peace promotes education and training, research, and public information programs on means to promote international peace and resolve international conflicts without violence.

United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women and NGO Forum (non-governmental organizations) in Beijing 1995. A guide to On-Line resources assembled by the International Women's Tribune Centre.


Selected Initiatives

All Aboard USA - an Internet coalition of America's passenger-rail advocate organizations each of which is working at local, regional or national level to promote an integrated and sustainable national transportation system that includes provision of a railroad system similar to that found in all other developed countries.

The Faith and Social Justice Page - linking Christians and other people of faith to progressive interfaith based and secular political resources.

FaithACTION (Faith in Action Institute) - helps people of faith work together, through ministries of justice and mercy, to solve spiritual, social, and economic problems within their community. We fulfill our mission by providing religious leaders with the information, training, and technical support they need to meet their own goals for ministry.

Nation of Hawaii represents native Hawai'ians (Kanaka Maoli) committed to restoration of their island's independence from the United States. These indigenous people hope to reestablish Hawai'ian sovereignty, refuting their "imposed" 1959 admission to the United States.

Health and Welfare Ministries assists United Methodists to become involved globally in health and welfare ministries, which address the critical health needs of children, youth, older adults, persons with physically and mentally challenging conditions, and racial/ethnic communities of color.

Congregation For Reconciliation Online Liturgy - (micah43@aol.com) - a small but socially active UCC and Presbyterian house church in Dayton, Ohio. Liturgy include images of peace, social justice and equality for all people regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation or class, and is intended for group or individual meditation.

Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy (pcpd@netvision.net.il). Working on issues for prevailing peace and democracy.

Social-Investing Resources - American Association of Individual Investors' listing of associations and advisory firms that disseminate information on social investing options, and also lists books that detail investing using social criteria.

Souper Bowl - an interdenominational effort to glorify God and to care for "the least of these brothers and sisters of mine" (Matthew 25:40). Started with 22 S.Carolina churches (Souper Bowl-Spring Valley Presbyterian Church, Columbia SC, 1-800-358-7687) in 1990, but in 1995 was up to 2400 churches nationwide that raised $415000 for hunger. On January 28, 1996, nearly $1 million was donated. On January 26, 1997, there were 5484 congregations who collectively donated $1082641, with Texas participation being 182 congregations donating $38836. On 'sue-poor' Bowl Sunday, each church encourages people to give $1 each as they leave worship. Youth use large soup pots to collect the donations as church members leave worship that day. And all proceeds stay in the local area to "serve our neighbors". On 'game day', churches call or e-mail souperbowl@mindspring.com to report how much their group collected and where it will be sent.

Whirlwind Wheelchair Network - independent wheelchair-producing workshops in developing countries. Founded in 1989, the Wheeled Mobility Center (WMC) is dedicated to creating wheeled technology that maximizes the quality of life for people throughout the world.


Environmental Justice and Sustainable Policy

CIESIN Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network - Global Change Information Gateway - Saginaw MI

Communications for a Sustainable Future - founded on the idea that computer networking should be used to enhance communications with the objective of working through disparate views and ideologies to secure a more promising future. Also located at the CSF WWW-server.

EcoNet - working for environmental preservation and sustainability, by building coalitions and partnerships with individuals, activist organizations and non-profit organizations to develop the use of electronic communications.

EnviroWeb - WWW server for EnviroLink Network - a non-profit organization - Pittsburg PA.

Environmental Justice and Risk Assessment - Dr. Paul M. Schlosser's series of pages addressing the conflict between the Environmental Justice movement and the use of Risk Assessment to set regulatory standards and clean-up targets.

Environmental Studies Resources Index - University of Nevada, Reno

Environmental National Scorecard - 1994 - from the League of Conservation Voters.

Friends of the Earth - largest international network of environmental groups in the world.

Greenpeace - conceived in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada, with the purpose of creating a green and peaceful world, and to 'bear witness' by drawing attention to an abuse of the environment through their unwavering presence at the scene, whatever the risk, to non-violence and to independence.

International Institute for Sustainable Development - (IISD) is a non-profit organization established and supported by the Governments of Canada and Manitoba. IISD's mandate is to promote sustainable development in decision making within government, business and the daily lives of individuals in Canada and internationally.

Millennium Institute: Sustainable Development Resources - the Millennium call for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Denver CO - the nation's primary federal laboratory for renewable energy research and performs functions assigned by DOE in research, development and testing.

Student Environmental Action Coalition - a grassroots coalition of student and youth environmental groups in all 50 states, working together to protect our planet and our future by sharing resources, building coalitions, and challenging the limited mainstream definition of environmental issues.

Texas Environmental Action Coalition - Texas A&M University's student environmental organization, open to the Texas community.


Other Links

Art Censorship Archives - The File Room

Arts info

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - and their Kids' Conscious Acts of Peace Program, Resolving Conflict Creatively Program National Center (RCCP), and Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR).

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics.

Directory (worldwide) of government leaders - the mailing addresses for the leaders of every nation on the planet, and every governor of every province, prefecture, canton, state or what-have-you in every country on the planet, for lobbying those in power about various social justice, peace, environment and other issues.

Galaxy - An index of links for Arts and Humanities, Business and Commerce, Community, Engineering and Technology, Government, Law, Leisure and Recreation, Medicine, Reference and Interdisciplinary Information, Science, and Social Science.

The Human Factor - dedicated to Helping Unconnected Humans Navigate the Information Pathways; Santa Cruz CA

The Option Institute and Fellowship - Find Happiness on the Internet; Sheffield MA




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