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The Roadmap Is Here

The Council for Global Education will launch the first issue of a bi-annual Magazine, The Educator, this fall. A comprehensive resource for educators, parents and school administrators, the theme for our first issue is THE PATH TO COEXISTENCE, and will include guest articles, resource directories and a readers' forum for the exchange of information related to coexistence in school curriculums.

Invited contributors include John Gray of the Mars & Venus Institute, author Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul) and other leading thinkers in the fields of diversity, coexistence and human potential. Simply put, it will be the most comprehensive periodical available on issues related to coexistence in our school systems. We invite your suggestions and submissions.

In addition to educators and parents, our inaugural issue will be sent, complimentary, to heads of state and ministers of education across the globe. By reaching this diverse group of individuals, we will be able to impact education in the schools and educational policies being developed in the world's legislatures. Each issue will be accompanied by a short survey asking current leaders to reflect on their path to leadership and provide advice to emerging leaders - the children of the world. These results, along with contributions from major world thinkers, will be published in future issues of the magazine.

If you are interested in contributing an article to The Educator, or simply wish to subscribe, please contact us.




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